The School of Paris by the YMCA between 1926 and 1934

The video shows Christian orthodox thinkers from the St Sergius Institute, the Russian Student Christian Movement, the journal The Way (Put')... Among them Saint Maria Skobtsova, bishop Evlogi, Fr. Sergius Bulgakov, Fr. George Florovsky, Boris Vysheslavtsev, Vladimir Iljine, Vassili Zenkovsky, Anton Kartachov, Nikolai Zernov, etc... The film was done by the YMCA between 1926 and 1934. For more informations: Antoine Arjakovsky, The Way, Religious Thinkers of the Russian Emigration and Their Journal, 1925-1940, translated by Jerry Ryan, edited by Michael Plekon and John A. Jillions, Foreword by Rowan Williams, Notre Dame University Press, 2013.